The Omega & His Match

After years spent under the thumb of his cruel uncle, Prince Aiden finally has an escape—an arranged marriage. But is his match the monster everyone says he is, or is he the one person who can warm Aiden’s cold heart?

Forced into marriage by his terrible uncle, the man who stole his brother’s crown, Aiden fears his future will be even more miserable than his present. Prince Fagan, his uncle’s chosen suitor, has a reputation—he is nothing less than a monster. Aiden will need every ounce of strength he possesses to survive.

Youngest son of his father’s large family, Prince Davin has waited years to be able to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and be a dutiful son. His opportunity comes in a way he never expected. He must pretend to be his half-brother, whose name he shares, and marry an omega in his brother’s place. Prince Aiden is a lost soul, scared and hurting. Can Davin coax some life back into the lonely omega and make their marriage a haven from the cruel world of Aiden’s past?

And when Aiden’s uncle rears his head once again, and duty wars with love, will their marriage be strong enough to fight the tides that pull them apart?

Firelight is a novella-length m/m shifter romance and part of the Lost Princes of Morona series. A companion series to Stormshield, it features arranged marriages, princes, mpreg, angst, secrets, and a dash of magic.