Run for Home

Tristan knew one thing for certain—he should never have left his pack.

Ambushed on the way to another wolf pack, Tristan finds himself a prisoner of the hyenas. At first, he isn’t sure who to be more wary of. His captors. Or his hostile cellmate. But Dash, an alpha fox, has good reason to be distrustful. And that reason might just be the cub hiding in the shadows of their cell.

If Dash has learned one thing in his life so far, it’s this—never trust a wolf.

Hours away from escaping to safety with his cub, Dash’s plans are ruined by the arrival of a new prisoner. A wolf who can’t take a hint that he’s not a welcome addition to their cell. But as Dash grudgingly gets to know Tristan, he realizes that he needs the omega’s help if he’s going to keep Maia safe. He can’t trust wolves, but maybe he can trust this wolf.

Run for Home is a slow burn m/m shifter romance and the second book of the Moonshadow Den series. It contains mpreg and mature themes.