The Alpha’s Mage

Magic. Without it, Knox’s pack will die. The only way to get it? Steal it. Steal him. A wolf mage.

The slow decay of magic is destroying Samhain Pack bit by bit. Down to their last ailing mage, Knox snatches a mage from a rival pack. Better to be a pack with enemies than a dead pack. But when Lorcan is foisted upon him, Knox refuses to take the mage as a mate. Until their alpha leader drags up an old pack law to punish the wayward mage, and Knox finds it isn’t so easy to walk away.

Being a wolf mage is a curse. It’s taken everything from Lorcan—his family, his home, and his magic. Now he’s been taken by another pack, with a whole new set of rules. He has no intention of sticking around, especially when they plan to bond him to one of their alphas. Running from wolves comes naturally to him, only Knox proves hard to run from.

The Alpha’s Mage is a paranormal romance featuring a stubborn wolf, a distrustful druid, and a pack in dire need of luck. It’s the first book of the Wild Magic series, which should be read in order. It contains mature and somewhat dark themes but does not contain mpreg.