The Caster’s Alpha

As the last unmated alpha in his pack, all Ronan wants is a mage and a bond... but be careful what you wish for.

With no wolf mage and no magic, Ronan knows he’s holding Samhain back. When he wakes up in the forest with a mage, a bond, and no memory of what happened, it seems he’s been given everything he wanted—so he knows it’s too good to be true. The bond he longed for might just be the thing that destroys his pack.

Alone in the world, Maddox’s only goal is to track down his brother. But when the trail leads him to some powerful sorcerers, he finds himself bonded to an alpha and beholden to a pack. He can’t hide what he is forever, or what he’s not. But first things first—he has to find a way to break the bond and free himself from Ronan before the pack decides he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Bonded to a mage he can’t trust, and with his pack turning their backs on him, Ronan is out of options. So when Maddox offers a chance to free them from their bond, he decides it’s worth the risk. Together, they’ll work to break the unbreakable magic binding them—but can they stop their hearts getting entangled in the process?

The Caster’s Alpha is a m/m paranormal romance featuring a kind-hearted wolf, a distrustful caster, and a pack whose enemy may finally have got the better of them. It’s the fifth and final book in the Wild Magic series, which should be read in order. It contains mature and somewhat dark themes but is not an mpreg story.