The Mage’s Game

The love between an alpha and a mage is not easily forgotten. Even if one is a headstrong wolf and the other an untrustworthy sorcerer.

Five years after he walked out of Declan’s life, Jasper returns to Samhain Pack begging for help. Declan doesn’t believe a word of the tale his ex is spinning. He wants Jasper gone from the pack before he brings trouble down on them. His head is telling him Jasper can’t be trusted, but his heart has never quite let go of his love for the mage. Is he willing to risk everything for Jasper?

For five long years, Jasper has destroyed pack after pack at his family’s behest. He bonds with an alpha, blinds them to the truth, and strikes at the heart of their pack. But Samhain isn’t just any pack, and Declan is more than just an alpha. He is Jasper’s first—and only—love. Torn between loyalty to his family and following his heart, who is he going to choose?

The Mage’s Game is a m/m paranormal romance featuring a stubborn hunter, a world-weary sorcerer, and a pack that’s finally getting back on its feet. It’s the third book in the Wild Magic series, which should be read in order. It contains mature and somewhat dark themes but is not an mpreg story.