The Seer’s Wolf

A wolf mage. That’s all Brody ever wanted to be. Too bad no alpha will keep him, not now.

When their pack’s boundary is breached, Gage braces for an attack. Instead, he finds an injured mage being hunted by a familiar enemy. And when that mage turns out to be a seer—a rare, valuable talent—Gage hopes his pack’s luck is finally turning around. But Brody is injured, his magic so damaged that Gage can’t see how he’ll ever become part of a pack.

Hurt, alone, and so, so lost, Brody is drawn to Gage and the safety of his pack. The alpha is his only hope of finding a way to heal his magic. As they grow closer, Brody wants to be more than just a burden to the alpha. But Gage has no need of a broken mage, and Brody fears that’s all he’ll ever be.

When the pack’s enemies move against them, Gage is left with the choice no alpha wants to face—protect his pack or save his mage.

The Seer’s Wolf is a paranormal romance featuring a struggling leader, a hurt but determined clairvoyant, and a pack whose luck might be taking a turn for the better. It’s the second book of the Wild Magic series, which should be read in order. It contains mature and somewhat dark themes but does not contain mpreg.