Alpha’s Keeper

When Ollie’s lost alpha love stumbles back into his life, broken and changed, he has a decision to make. Does he risk everything for a second chance at happiness?

Two years after being declared missing, the love of Ollie’s life turns up on his doorstep. With the police searching for Dominic, Ollie must hide the shifter’s presence from even his closest friends, all while helping him heal from the hell he’s been through. He loves Dominic, but the alpha isn’t the man he once knew. With danger closing in on them, will their love will be enough to keep them together?

Dominic never thought he’d see Ollie again, but a glimpse of the omega’s face is what finally helps him break free of the prison he’s been trapped in. He’s lost everything—his family, his home, and two years of his life. But he hasn’t lost Ollie. When the time comes to face up to his past, will he choose love or fear?

Alpha’s Keeper is a m/m shifter romance and the second book of the Alphas of Ravenstone series which should be read in order. It contains mpreg, mature themes, and scenes not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.