Run to Him

Hate and hunt. It’s all Zayn knows how to do. But then a night spent chasing a fox through the shadows changes everything…

After a terrible betrayal that cut through the heart of his home, alpha Zayn’s hatred for foxes runs deep. Even his own pack has turned their backs on him for refusing to let go of the past. Now he has a chance to earn his place in a new pack and get revenge on the foxes. All he has to do is hunt down a fox before sunrise.

All foxes know what it is to be hunted, but until Zayn, Dylan never truly knew what it meant to be caught.

Captured by wolves while searching for a new home for his den, omega Dylan knows his time is short. Wolves will do what they do best—hunt. He isn’t fast enough to outrun them, and there’s no way he can survive a fight. But then the wolf who catches him hesitates—and now they’re both on the run. Together.

Run to Him is a slow burn m/m shifter romance and the third book of the Moonshadow Den series. It contains mpreg and mature themes.