Run to You

Run. It’s all Caio knows how to do. Foxes run. And wolves... they hunt.

Caio is being hunted, again. Since the war that left the shifter world fractured, he’s rarely felt safe. When he’s chased onto pack land, he thinks his luck has run out. Instead, the wolves take him in. He can’t help but be suspicious of their motives, especially those of their leader, Roman. Yet the dark-eyed alpha looks at him like he’s more than just prey.

The love between a fox and a wolf hides in the shadow of the moon.

Roman does whatever it takes to protect his pack and make their home a sanctuary from the outside world. And then Caio arrives on their doorstep. He doesn’t have the heart to turn away a scared, pregnant omega, even if he is a fox shifter. But trying to help Caio tangles them together in a way he isn’t prepared for. Caio can’t stay—there's no place for a fox in a wolf pack—but Roman isn’t sure he can let him walk away.

Run to You is a slow burn m/m shifter romance and the first book of the Moonshadow Den series. It contains mpreg and mature themes.